An Innovative Housing Solution for Adults with Autism



The enthusiastic support of the City of Sonoma and surrounding neighborhoods can help boost residents’ confidence in venturing beyond the Sweetwater Spectrum community.


Employment and Participation:

·      Paid employment in town

·      Internships with local businesses

·      Volunteer jobs in the community

·      Day programs

·      Participation in community activities and events



·      High school diploma or equivalency

·      Transition programs

·      Community college

·      Continuing adult education

·      Vocational training


In-town Recreation:

·      Attend or participate in the weekly Farmer’s Market

·      Bike the nearby paths

·      Watch a movie or concert at the Sebastiani Theatre

·      Go to Sonoma events such as the film festival, town party and July 4th parade

·      Attend services at a nearby religious venue

·      Grocery shop at the three stores within blocks of the site

·      Take public transportation to friends’ homes or local areas of interest

·      Go to the public library