An Innovative Housing Solution for Adults with Autism


A large on-site community building provides residents with access to a variety of enrichment activity choices such as music, art, exercise, or culinary projects in the teaching kitchen. Since our goal is to maximize the individual development and independence of residents, we offer:


·       Choice. Residents are encouraged and entitled to make personal choices about their daily life activities. The property’s design facilitates and supports many different options — whether it’s gardening, exercising, watching a movie with friends, swimming in the pool, or spending quiet time in the community library, outdoor patio, or their own bedroom.

·       Independence. Residents can gain a feeling of self-determination by taking on certain responsibilities like any other adult: Paying rent, choosing where they live, and deciding what happens in their home. The Sweetwater Spectrum community encourages a high level of resident involvement based on each individual’s abilities.

·       Nurturing. Residents are encouraged and supported in developing a network of friends and neighbors. The urban farm, teaching kitchen, exercise/movement studio, and other activities at the property attract volunteers who assist residents in leading lives of integration, rather than isolation.

·       Participation. Due to Sweetwater Spectrum’s close proximity to historic Sonoma Plaza, public transportation, and bike paths, residents are able to take part in the mainstream community according to their preferences. They can participate in local clubs, organizations, classes, faith-based activities, volunteer opportunities and the numerous community events.


Residents can enjoy indoor enrichment activities such as:

·      art

·      music

·      exercise/movement

·      cooking projects

·      watching TV and movies

·      learning and studying in the community building library


There are also outdoor options such as:

·      swimming and therapeutic water activities

·      working on the urban farm, including fruit and vegetable cultivation, and selling produce at our Saturday farm stand

·      Raising, feeding and collecting eggs from our own chickens