Replication Symposium 2.0

If you haven’t already, sign up NOW for our VIRTUAL symposium packed full of everything you need to know on how to create a Sweetwater of your own.

Here’s a closer look at the stimulating and inspiring line-up we have scheduled for you:

Session 1 provides an Overview of Housing Models around the country, including different property types and service delivery models.  We’ll also discuss original intentions of the Sweetwater model, and how it is working after 8 years of operations.

Session 2  “From Dream to Reality”, will take you through the 5 Phases of creating a new community, the Decision Tree and the critical steps along the way.

Session 3 will focus on how founders might begin Working with local Service Providers and Funding Agencies early in their process, with suggestions appropriate for whether you are in or outside of California.

Session 4 will delve into options for the Legal Structure of a new initiative — obtaining nonprofit status, Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, board selection, and some general Financial

Session 5 will dive deeper into Finances — building from scratch or purchasing, how to build a capital budget and operating budget regardless of your specific location.

Session 6 will provide a ideas and approaches to Fundraising – both for capital campaigns and for ongoing operations.  We’ll look at Sweetwater’s strategy and experiences with this as one example.

Weekly sessions begin Thursday, October 15th (last session on Thursday, November 19th) at 4 pm PST. Be sure to register to EACH session, even if you can’t make the live webinar we will be sending out a recording, slides and a brief survey each week. Call your sitter, pour some wine – you don’t want to miss out! And don’t forget, sharing is caring so please forward this email to anyone you think would also benefit from attending!