Creating Housing for Adults with Autism

Overview: Sharing What We’ve Learned at Sweetwater Spectrum

The successful development and launch of our campus in Sonoma has led to a broad set of insights on best practices for housing for people with autism and related disabilities. As part of its mission, Sweetwater Spectrum aims to share these insights with others working to address the housing needs for this population. We do this by offering tours and symposia attended by interested people from around the country and beyond, through consulting services to teams seeking to develop new housing, and by providing the free resources found below.


Where are you in your process?

Teams working to develop special needs housing tend to fall into one of four categories, corresponding to phases of team formation and progress toward achieving their goals: Dreamers, Strategizers, Builders and Managers.

Housing Community Teams: Four Phases and How Sweetwater Can Help

Housing Toolkit

We’ve written a Replication Starter Kit and assembled a deep collection of materials emerging from our experience at Sweetwater Spectrum and our Replication Symposia, available for free to help teams at any stage in addressing the autism housing challenge. Please review this toolkit thoroughly, and if you seek further information or assistance, reach out to us to learn about our Consulting Services.

Consulting Services

Looking for guidance in getting to the next stage in your housing process? Please review our Housing Toolkit above, and if you seek further information or assistance, reach out to us using the form below.


Special Needs Housing Resources

Explore our information on other organizations and web resources regarding special needs housing.

3rd Party Resources

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