• Celebrate and support a broad range of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities
  • Encourage active resident involvement in their home, household, neighborhood and surrounding communities
  • Provide access to productive enriching choices that support a life with purpose
  • Utilize autism-specific design, which addresses both safety and sensory issues
  • Nurture high-value relationships between residents, families and support staff
  • Create and foster a model that can be replicated nationwide
  • Offer the potential for long-term residency
  • Accommodate a broad financial spectrum

Across the United States, 500,000 individuals with autism are aging into adulthood. Today, children have a 1 in 36 chance of being diagnosed with autism. Sonoma is providing leadership in addressing the housing needs of this underserved population through its welcoming support of Sweetwater Spectrum, a model community for adults with autism and other related developmental disabilities.

A question universally on the minds of parents of children with autism is, “How will my child be cared for when I am no longer able?” Sweetwater Spectrum is working hard to provide a solution.

Sweetwater Spectrum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to exploring, building and evaluating an innovative housing model for adults with autism. It has developed and now manages a housing option in the Sonoma community utilizing supportive living services.  This model includes an enrichment program intended to foster both individual choice and community engagement to provide a “life with purpose”. We embrace residents on a wide range on the spectrum of autism and other developmental disabilities and support all financial capabilities.

Sonoma - Our First Campus

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Sweetwater Spectrum’s pilot project is located in the city of Sonoma and opened in 2013.  The site is 2.79 acres and is located 4 blocks west of the city’s downtown plaza, encouraging local community integration.  The campus includes:

  • Four 4-bedroom homes for sixteen participants, with the ability for future expansion. In 2023 we finished our construction on a new home and increased our capacity to 20 residents. /li>
  • A community center – a single-level 2,300 square foot, common house – integrates a community space, kitchen, exercise studio, media room, and a library.
  • Our 1 acre organic farm has an energy-efficient greenhouse and provides opportunities for physical skill development and healthy eating. The greenhouse grows and distributes microgreens to  local and bay area restaurants year-round.  The farm also sells produce through on-site and local farmers markets.
  • An outdoor pool and 2 hot tubs.
  • Enrichment programs and opportunities are provided on site, and coordinated off-site. They are tailored to our residents’ individual needs, encouraging choice and community. Through personal choice, we foster a life with purpose for our residents.

Supported Living Model

The supported living model of Sweetwater Spectrum is based on co-housing, and offers choice to its residents with individual, customized and flexible programs, supporting life skills training, continuing education, gardening, art/music, exercise and healthy lifestyles.  The Sweetwater Spectrum site was designed to meet the specific needs of those with autism. The site was built to LEED gold specifications and is environmentally sustainable wherever possible. This includes solar panels, an energy efficient HVAC system and storm water management with bio swales.

Admission to Sweetwater

Since opening in 2013, Sweetwater was designed as a long-term home for our residents. While some turnover still occurs, in general openings are infrequent.

We do maintain and accept applications — when a spot becomes available, we look for the best fit for a new resident to join their existing roommates.

If your family has interest in applying, we suggest you start by viewing our virtual tour video and reviewing the information on our website.

Virtual Tour

See also the links below to obtain an overview of our application process and our application form.

You may complete and submit an application form at any time and it will be kept on file. Note there is a $50 processing fee.


Beginning in May of 2021, we plan to resume giving monthly public tours, which run for 1 hour and are offered on the last Tuesday of every month beginning at 11:00 am.

If you are unable to join for the monthly public tour, private tours can be arranged on a mutually acceptable date. There is a fee associated with private tours.

The private tour and Q&A would run for a 2 hour duration.

To schedule a tour, please email us:



Creating Housing

Sweetwater Spectrum regularly responds to inquiries from all over the world about our approach to housing for adults with autism and similar developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Please explore our free resources and learn about our consulting services on our Creating Housing page.

Creating Housing

<!–Nationwide, there are few housing choices available for adults with autism or similar intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our model, with its first campus in Sonoma, uniquely encompasses a "life with purpose" for its residents and can provide a lifelong home. The need for this new model is substantial as Sweetwater Spectrum regularly responds to inquiries about our approach from all over the world.

Our biggest news this year is that our founding goal of developing a replicable model is being realized! We now have developed a full package of lessons-learned documents and other resources to help inform, encourage, and enable the establishment of future communities under the Sweetwater model, including:

  1. Sample Articles of Incorporation
  2. Sample Bylaws
  3. Resident Application Process Document
  4. Sample Residential Lease Application
  5. Sample Residential Lease Agreement
  6. Sample Community Activities Agreement
  7. Sample Employee Handbook
  8. Sample Investment Policy
  9. Sample Volunteer Handbook
  10. Sweetwater Spectrum, Documenting a Supported Living Model
  11. Sweetwater Spectrum: A Community with Purpose Case Study
  12. Financial Requirements Description Document
  13. Replication Approach Presentation

If you are interested in replicating the Sweetwater Spectrum model in your community, please contact Sweetwater Spectrum Executive Director Kory Stradinger HERE.–>

369 Fifth Street West
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 996-3104

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